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The Facts About Uninsured Motorists in California


Written by – Brandon Selden Uninsured Motorists coverage covers you when you are involved in an auto accident involving an uninsured, under insured, or even a hit-and-run driver. With the exception of two states, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, auto insurance is mandated to have. Even though insurance is mandated by almost every state that doesn’t … More

Where Inland Empire Cities Rank in Best and Worst Places to Find Jobs in the U.S.


It’s the new year, which means many will make another attempt at their New Year’s resolutions. And one common resolution that is made is to change their vocation. Either they don’t like their current job or want to pursue their dream job. So if you fall into that category, it could be helpful to review … More

First Time Home Buyers

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Here are some steps for first time home buyers to follow to make sure you make the right decision. Is Buying a Home Right For You? Can you Afford it?  The first obvious thing, but some people don’t properly examine, is to assess if buying a home is the right thing. Of course, owning is … More

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