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Things You Might Not Know Your Insurance Covers!

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We all have a pretty good understanding of what our insurance covers, for instance our auto policy covers accidents with other vehicles or objects and our home policy covers weather damage and burglaries. But did you know that your insurance probably covers things you had no idea it would cover. Things Falling from the Sky … More

To Get Rental Car Insurance, or to Not Get Rental Car Insurance

Rental Car

If you’re a frequent traveler either for business or pleasure, odds are where ever you’re going to end up at you’re going to need transportation. Or if that’s not you’re situation, maybe you have been in a car accident and now you need to rent a car until your vehicle is fixed. Either way this … More

The Advantages of an Independent Agent

Insurance Agent

Buying and shopping for insurance has totally changed in the last decade and is continuing to change. Most people nowadays can shop around online and compare rates and buy what they think is the best coverage and the best price. Even Google is trying to get into the insurance industry and customers will be able … More

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