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Preventing Identity Theft

identity theft

Having your identity stolen can happen to anyone. And in our increasingly digital world, identity theft is becoming more and more prevalent. Identity Theft cost Americans $24.7 billion in 2012. Also households that bring in more than $75000 annually were the most affected. Of all the identity theft, credit card and bank information fraud was … More

Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

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It seems like every time the wet weather comes around California everyone forgets how to drive in it. People either don’t adjust their driving at all in wet weather conditions, or on the other side they become so cautious that they themselves become a driving hazard. Depending on the weather conditions visibility can become worse … More

Understanding the Different Coverage’s in Your Auto Policy

Blue Car

Getting insurance and having the right coverage can be seem complicated especially when its your first time trying to purchase an auto policy. Understanding the different terms that are used and understanding what coverage you need and how to save money while getting the adequate coverage can seem a little intimidating. But it doesn’t have … More

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

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Thanksgiving Turkey

If its your turn to host Thanksgiving then you probably feel some pressure to cook and prepare a beautiful meal for all your guests. And since there’s probably going to be a lot of chaos around the kitchen along with your many guests at your home, safety should be a big concern. But since there … More

Having Thanksgiving in a Small Place

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If you live in an apartment or have a small house, being the one to host Thanksgiving can seem pretty daunting. You want your guests to feel comfortable but you know you have limited space. Don’t freak out just yet! ¬†Even though you can’t increase the size of your space by Thanksgiving there are some … More

Auto Insurance Myths


When you’re purchasing auto insurance it’s important to know what different factors impact the price of your premium. But with many factors that contribute to the price of your premium sometimes false information gets spread. Here are some auto insurance myths and the truth behind them. “The color of my car effects my rate” The … More

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